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Multispeciality Medical Clinic


Laser, Laparoscopy & Aesthetic Gynecology

Maternity Care

General Gynecology & Preventive Health for Women

Squint Surgery

Pediatric Ophthalmology

Vision Test & General Ophthalmology

General Orthopedics

Joint Replacement & Spine Surgery

Trauma Care & Physical Rehabilitation 

Hair Transplant

Cosmetic Surgery

Reconstructive Microsurgery

Surgiwise Clinics 

Shop No.3   (Beside IDBI ATM)  

DDA Market, C-8 Block   

 Vasant Kunj, New Delhi     

To book your appointment easily: Whatsapp Us - 8595775508   

About Surgiwise

Surgiwise Clinics is the brainchild of a team of Renowned Specialists & Super-specialists in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Our Doctors hold vast clinical experience across reputed  Hospitals in India & Abroad. Besides having rave reviews from our patients for our ethics & attitude, we are acclaimed for the cost-effectiveness & transparency of our services.  We provide a comprehensive solution for patients searching for reliable  expertise across different clinical domains. Our close-knit team ensures our patients receive World-class treatment and excellent experiences through an organized & effective multi-disciplinary approach.

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    Our Team : Meet Top Gyecologist, Orthopedician, Eye Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon in Vasant Kunj Delhi

    Surgiwise Clinics is a multispeciality Medical Centre. Our team comprises experienced Doctors across different sub-specialities. Our Specialists & Super-specialists hold Medical Degrees from Premium Medical Institutes & have diverse experience across the best hospitals in India & Abroad. Our Team is associated with a vast network of Hospitals in Delhi-NCR region, where we perform our Surgical Procedures & admit in-patients for comprehensive treatment. 

    Surgiwise Clinics offers in-person Consultations on prior Appointments as well as walk-in basis (subject to availability of Doctors). Online/ Telephone Consultations can also be organized. Our Doctors also practise at leading hospitals in the City, do not hesitate to ask us if you would like to meet the Doctor at one of the Hospitals.

    Our core clinical team comprises Dr Ketaki Tiwari (Highly rated Laser, Laparoscopic & Aesthetic Gynecologist & Obstetrician), Dr Rohan Shanker Tiwari (Experienced Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon), Dr Neha Chauhan (Reputed Pediatric Ophthalmologist & Squint Surgeon) & Dr RS Tiwari (Renowned Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon).

    Dr Ketaki Tiwari Best Gynecologist

    Gynecologist & Obstetrician


    Dr Rohan Shanker Tiwari

    Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon


    Dr Neha Chauhan


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    Dr RS Tiwari

    Plastic Surgeon

    Prior Appointments Preferred

    Walk-ins Welcome

    Online/ Telephone Appointments also Available

    To talk to a Doctor: Whatsapp 8595775508

    When should you visit a Specialist Doctor?

    Meet a Gynecologist, when:
    •  Delayed/ Skipped/ Too Early Periods

    •  Very Heavy Flow/ Too scanty Flow in Period

    • Very Painful Periods

    • Passage of Clots

    • Irregular Cycles

    • Vaginal Itching/ Discharge from Vagina/ Foul smell in private area

    • During Pregnancy

    • For Delivery (Normal/ Cesarean)

    • Cancer Screening for every woman (Pap Smear)

    • HPV vaccine for every woman & child

    • Contraceptive Advice

    • Unwanted Pregnancy

    • Problems during Intercourse/ Frigidity/ Painful coitus/ Sexual Dysfunction

    • Vaginal Looseness/ Reduced Pleasure during coitus

    • Vaginal Rejuvenation (Laser/ Surgery/ PRP)

    • Hymen Repair/ Revirgination

    • Uterus Fibroid/ Prolapse/ Endometriosis/ Adenomyoma/ Lumps

    • Ovarian Cyst/ PCOD/ PCOS

    • Tubal Block

    • Bartholin Gland cyst & abscess

    • Pelvic Infections/ PID

    • Ectopic Pregnancy

    • Hormonal Problems

    • Adolescent Health Problems

    • Menopause

    • Infertility

    Visit an Orthopedician, when:
    See a Plastic Surgeon, when:
    An Ophthalmologist is needed, when:
    • Low Vision

    • Itching in Eyes

    • Watering from Eyes

    • Floaters

    • Persistent Headache

    • Vision Test

    • Red Eyes

    • Eye Allergy

    • Reduced Visual Acuity

    • Squint

    • Crossed Eyes

    • Lazy Eyes/ Amblyopia

    • Preterm baby

    • Diabetes

    • High Blood Pressure

    • Foreign Body in Eye

    • Ophthalmic Infection

    • Growth/ Tumor in Orbital area

    •  Fracture

    • Knee Joint Pain

    • Backache for long duration

    • Hip Discomfort

    • Gout

    • Arthritis

    • Age related Joint Pain

    • Age related movement problems

    • Sciatica

    • Cervical issues

    • Spondylosis

    • Spine injury

    • Fall from Height

    • Road Accident Injury

    • Sports Injury

    • Meniscal Tear

    • Ligament Pull

    • Sprain

    • Suspected Limb injury

    • Amputation

    • Bursitis

    • Bone deformity

    • Genetic deformity in children

    • Vitamin D/ Calcium deficiency

    • Burn scars

    • Cosmetic Concerns

    • Hair Transplant

    • Aesthetic surgery & non-surgical intervention (Laser, Botox, Fillers)

    • For weight reduction surgery

    • Nose, chin, Ear, Eye Lids, Lips, Breast, Buttock cosmetic surgery for Men & Women

    • Brachial Plexus Injury

    • Amputation

    • Finger tip injury

    • Amputation of finger/ limbs

    Never hesitate to see a Doctor.

    We are here to help you.

    As wise men say, "A stitch in time, saves nine."

    Best Gynaecologist / Orthopedician/ Eye Specialist/ Plastic Surgeon near me in Delhi

    Are you looking for the Best Doctor in Vasant Kunj ? Have you been searching for a reliable, reputed, experienced & trustworthy Doctor who deals with Gynecology, Pregnancy Care, Women Health Problems, Bones & Joints, Spine Problems, Eye Conditions, Vision problems, Cataract, Burn Scars or Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery needs ? Do you want to avoid the hassle of standing in long queues outside big hospitals in Vasant Kunj for Doctor Consultations ? Do you want to avoid big crowded hospitals in Delhi because you do not want to face the possibility of  catching Covid infection there? 

    If you are looking for highly rated Gynecologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Eye Specialist or Plastic Surgeon in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, you are the right place.

    The Best-rated Doctors in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, are now available near you. 

    Surgiwise Clinics  near  Mahipalpur, Delhi are a stand-alone medical centre with facilities for Consultation & office procedures. Our Physicians & Surgeons are a team of highly experienced Doctors from the Best Hospitals in the City, now also available to Consult at our Clinic in C-8 DDA Market, near Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, Vasant Kunj. Our team comprises Reputed Gynecologist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Eye Specialist & Plastic Surgeon, holding vast experience in their Specialties. So feel free to book an appointment easily, and meet your chosen Doctor in the comfort, security and privacy of our clinic. 

    Book an Appointment

    Why is Surgiwise Clinics in Vasant Kunj the best Medical Clinic for me?

    Which is the Best Medical Center in C-8 Block Vasant Kunj New Delhi?

    Which Doctors are considered Top Gynaecologist/ Lady doctor/ Pregnancy & Delivery/ Spine & Bones/ Eyes/ Cosmetic & Hair Transplant  Specialists in Vasant Kunj South Delhi near Delhi Airport?

    Why is this the Best Clinic Near Me for patients of every age?

    • Surgiwise Clinics is located in C-8 Block DDA Market, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, right next to Gate no. 2 of C-8 Block. Access is through the DDA Market on Main Vasant Kunj Road. We are very conveniently located on the Main road, connecting Chhatarpur to Dwarka & Gurugram. Clinic is not inside a Residential colony, but by the side of a huge road leading from Vasant Vihar, Vasant Kunj, Bhawani Kunj, Shanti Kunj, Chhatarpur, Masoodpur, Munirka, Dwarka & Gurugram. Our stand-alone, no- interference location at the edge of a Reputed market on a busy Main Road gives our patients the much-needed security, safety & privacy that every patient deserves & desires.

    • There is ample parking space for vehicles & availability of Food joints, restaurants, bakery & rest rooms/ bathrooms in the market.

    • Our Doctors are associated with Premium Hospitals in Delhi-NCR. We envisioned this Clinic for several reasons. We feel that the C-block area has scarce & unsatisfactory medical facilities; & anyone looking for quality medical help has to travel a few kilometers for the smallest issues. The area between Aerocity/ Airport & Chhatarpur is a busy neighborhood, where thousands of patients have to compromise due to inadequate medical facilities. Hence we decided to establish this Clinic as a First-point/ Neighborhood Medical Center for residents living in surrounding areas.

    • Dr Ketaki Tiwari, Dr Rohan Shanker Tiwari, Dr Neha Chauhan & Dr RS Tiwari are also available at other leading hospitals in Delhi & Gurugram. If you would prefer to meet them at one of the hospitals, do not hesitate to ask us. we are here to help you.

    • Since Covid happened, most people avoid going to crowded, huge hospitals unless absolutely necessary. We would all prefer to meet our Favorite Gynecologist or Orthopedician in the comfort of a small & cozy clinic. To protect everyone from unnecessary exposure to viruses & other diseases in crowded hospitals & ensure you more comfort & homely environment, we envisioned the idea of Surgiwise Clinics - Best Gynecologist & Orthopedic Surgeon in Vasant Kunj C-8 DDA Market.

    • Our Doctors have studied at reputed Government Medical Colleges in the Country & undergone Advanced Training at the Best Institutes Abroad. They are illustrious academicians with a Strong background in Research & Innovation. Having diverse experience across Famous Corporate, Private & Top Government Institutes over decades, our Doctors understand, empathize & support every patient & their personal circumstances.

    • Our Clinic hosts Super-specialists from important Surgical domains like Gynecology & Obstetrics, Orthopedics & Spine Surgery, Pediatric & Adult Ophthalmology & Cosmetic & Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. These Specialities are relevant to people from every age group, ethnicity & socio-economic background. No wonder that Surgiwise Clinics are the Best & most Reliable Multispeciality Clinic in Vasant kunj for the whole family. You can comfortably walk into our clinic with little kids or elderly parents, with the confidence that they will be in the safest hands possible. With its safety, privacy, homely environment & commitment to perfection & the highest standards in Clinical Care, Surgiwise Clinics is a one-stop Health Solution for the Entire Family. 

    • Dr  Ketaki Tiwari is a Top Aesthetic (Cosmetic ) Gynecologist with a very loyal client base across South Delhi. She is widely acclaimed for her successful Revirgination & Vaginal Rejuvenation ( Surgical & Non-surgical Laser) Procedures, with a very high patient success rate. She has previously worked across a wide topography, including Japan, Australia, Artemis, Paras & W Pratiksha ( Now Marengo Asia ) Hospitals in Gurugram, Meerut, Agra & Kamla Nagar, Lajpat Nagar & Greater Kailash locations in Delhi. Her superb skills, vast knowledge & compassionate & thoughtful personality make her a favorite among women of every age looking for a Lady Doctor.

    • Dr Rohan Shanker Tiwari is a seasoned Orthopedician, Spine Surgeon & Joint Replacement Surgeon who has previously worked in Chandigarh, Gurugram, Agra,  Mathura & Hospitals like Hindu Rao, Narayana & Fortis Escorts in Delhi- NCR. He is renowned for his surgical skills & patients go home with very satisfactory outcomes. Dr Rohan Tiwari is an experienced Joint Replacement & Trauma Surgeon & routinely operates Major Trauma victims & other patients with serious and complex Bone issues.

    Dr Ketaki Tiwari- Best Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in Vasant Kunj

    Dr Ketaki Tiwari is a Top Gynaecologist & Obstetrician in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. If you are looking for a Highly Rated Gynaecologist Lady Doctor near me near Delhi Airport or Mahipalpur, Dr Ketaki Tiwari is the perfect doctor. Having done her MBBS & MD at reputed Government Medical Colleges & being awarded Gold Medal for Best Junior Resident Doctor at Medical College during her Postgraduate Training, she is a Clinician par excellence. With extensive International experience during her Advanced Training & having worked at the best hospitals in Delhi-ncr, Dr Ketaki Tiwari brings with her a solid track record with superb results & highly satisfied patients. she started her practise in Gurgaon (now Gurugram), where she has worked with prestigious hospitals like Artemis Heath Institute, Paras Hospitals, W Pratiksha Hospital (Now Marengo Asia Hospital) & ESI Model Hospital. Dr Ketaki Tiwari has previously worked at several different hospitals across the length & breadth of Delhi, including Moolchand Medicity, Apollo & Fortis. She has worked in Kamla Nagar, Lajpat Nagar & Greater Kailash areas in Delhi. She has tie-ups across several Delhi hospitals & she is a Visiting Consultant at most premium & prestigious as well as budget-friendly hospitals in Delhi & Gurgaon. She conducts her surgeries & admits in-patients across different hospitals where she is on-boarded, after careful discussion with the patients regarding their preferences & requirements. Dr Ketaki Tiwari is widely respected & liked by patients for the way she deals with sensitive matters; & she is very popular among women of every age, whether adolescents, young women or elderly ladies. She has an optimistic, friendly & empathic personality; and she is completely non-judgemental & neutral in her approach towards personal matters, which make her one of the most respected gynecologists in Delhi. Dr Ketaki Tiwari focuses on Reproductive Endocrinology (Hormone related conditions) & Cosmetic Gynecology in her practise; & she is one of the best cosmetic gynecologists in South Delhi. She has conducted more than 2000 deliveries; & she is a great Obstetrician & Maternity Doctor. Her expertise in Women Health & her finesse & skill in surgical work, combined with her wonderful behavior with patients, make Dr Ketaki Tiwari a great Doctor & one of the Best Gynecologist in Delhi in Vasant Kunj area.

    How can I find the best doctor for my problem, close to where I live? How to choose the right doctor for my treatment? Which Doctor should I consult?
    Who is the best Gynecologist or Orthopedic Surgeon or Eye Specialist or Plastic Surgeon Near Me in Vasant Kunj New Delhi?

    • Finding the Right Doctor  or Best Doctor has never been so easy. Just make sure you follow these basic steps; you will be easily able to select the best Gynecologist or Orthopedic Surgeon or Eye Specialist or Plastic Surgeon in your locality, whether its Vasant Kunj or South Delhi or Vasant Vihar or Mahipalpur or Masoodpur or Aerocity. 

    • First identify which speciality consultation/ intervention do you need. Every disease/ medical condition falls under a particular organ system; which determines which Specialist you will need to meet. For instance, Feminine Health issues like Period Problems or Diseases of Uterus & ovaries or pregnancy related problems are dealt by Specialists from the stream of Gynecology & Obstetrics. Bone Fractures, Joint pain, knee or back pain, sciatica & Spine injury are treated by Orthopedic Surgeons. Ophthalmologists deal with every problem related to Eyes, while Plastic Surgeons cater to a diverse & extensive range of situations such as cosmetic requirements including procedures done upon lips, nose, chin, cheeks, breasts & buttocks, weight loss surgery, body contouring, hair transplant, fat graft, botox & fillers injections; as well as extremely complex reconstructive microsurgical procedures including finger replant in cases where part of finger has been cut by accident, other similar conditions like hand replant, arm or leg replant, scalp replant, face transplant and brachial plexus injury treatment. Make sure you go to a doctor from the right speciality.

    • Once you have decided on the Speciality, collect information about relevant doctors in your area. Unless its an extremely complex disease, try to find a Doctor locally, close to where you stay.

    • Shortlist a few doctors, based on information collected from friends, relatives & acquaintances who have first-hand experiences. DO NOT believe in hearsay; & never fall into the trap of glitzy advertisements or unscrupulous middlemen or intermediaries who guide you to specific doctors for their personal financial gain. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. Neutral websites like can help to collect such data.

    • Check the Educational Qualifications from Internet data & websites like When in doubt, ask the doctor or their team directly.

    • Find out which Doctor is more friendly, approachable & sensitive.  Confirm if the prices are affordable for you. 

    • Finally, Book your appointment with a doctor who is Well Qualified, Experienced, Highly Rated, Polite , Sensitive & Understanding. 

    • Thankfully, when you come to us, you can skip most of these steps. Our doctors- Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon,  Ophthalmologist & Plastic Surgeon are Highly rated, experienced & trustworthy Clinicians from Prestigious Government Medical Colleges in the Country. The Top Doctors near Vasant Kunj in Delhi are now available at Surgiwise Clinics.

    • Dr Ketaki Tiwari is the Top Gynecologist in Vasant Kunj area. Dr Rohan Shanker Tiwari is the best Orthopedic & Spine surgeon near Mahipalpur in South Delhi. Dr Neha Chauhan is a reliable Eye Specialist in South Delhi near me in Masoodpur area. Dr RS Tiwari is a reputed Plastic Surgeon near Vasant Vihar.

    How can I book my Appointment? How long will I have to wait at Clinic? How will I pay? Whom will I meet at the Clinic?

    You can book an appointment very easily by leaving a message on whatsapp at 8595775508. Just write "Hi", & our team will take care of the rest. We will message you on whatsapp (or call you, if you prefer) to confirm what date & time suits you for an appointment. You will receive a confirmation message from us  on whatsapp (or sms, if you do not use whatsapp), once the appointment has been booked. Alternately, if you prefer, you can book an appointment via our website too, through a couple of easy clicks. We honour them completely!  The aim is to make ya doctor visit super-easy for you.

    Surgiwise Clinics is a stand-alone chamber where we strictly maintain & honour our schedules. Hopefully, there will be hardly any waiting time, as we only offer staggered appointments to make sure patients do not have to wait unnecessarily. However, in a rare scenario when your doctor is busy in an emergency, we will try our best to intimate you in time.

    Pay easily at clinic with cash/ UPI/ Paytm.

    Once you reach the clinic, you will be greeted by our reception staff. She will co-ordinate & assist you during your entire stay at Surgiwise Clinics.

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     Common Procedures & Treatments

    We’re here for you when you need us! Call us to schedule an appointment, or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    whatsapp/ call: 8595775508

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