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Common Questions

All Your Questions, Answered In One Place

Which Doctors are available at Surgiwise Clinics Vasant Kunj  ?

Dr Ketaki Tiwari Gynecologist

Dr Rohan S Tiwari Orthopedician

Dr Neha Chauhan Eye Surgeon

Dr R.S. Tiwari Plastic Surgeon

These are considered among the top doctors practising in this area; all of them are available at Surgiwise Clinics Best Doctors Clinic in Vasant Kunj C block New Delhi 

How can I book an appointment?

Please send "Hi" on Whatsapp on the given number 8595775508. Our team will do the rest 

Can I consult on telephone call or online?

Yes, absolutely. You can book telephone consultation or online consultation also just by writing "Hi" on whatsapp to 8595775508. Is an easy & contactless process completed entirely by messages, you don't even have to talk to anyone.

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