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Dr. Ketaki Tiwari -

Best Gynecologist in Delhi Vasant Kunj

Top Laser, Laparoscopic & Aesthetic Gynecologist & Obstetrician in Delhi


Dr Ketaki Tiwari is a renowned  Medical Expert with Specialization in Gynecology & Obstetrics. She holds 15+ years of diverse clinical experience across reputed hospitals in India & Abroad. She follows a patient-first approach and always approaches her patient's problems with compassion and sensitivity.

Skills &  Specializations

Education & Experience

As a qualified Gynecologist & Obstetrician, Dr Ketaki Tiwari is well-versed in  both surgical & non-surgical aspects and treatments in her speciality. She is very well known and respected for her Aesthetic Procedures, including Laser Vaginal Tightening, Hymenoplasty, Vaginoplasty & Labiaplasty; and she is one of the leading practitioners in the field of Cosmetic Gynecology in the Delhi-NCR region. Dr Ketaki Tiwari is a strong proponent of non-surgical techniques, and her primary aim in Gynecology patients is to provide a cure through conservative medical methods and avoid unnecessary surgery if possible. As an experienced surgeon with Special Training in Laparoscopy, she is fully equipped to perform all major and minor surgical procedures using latest techniques adhering to  International standards. Her practise includes the entire spectrum of Ob-Gyn services, with special focus on Aesthetic Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology. Dr Ketaki Tiwari  provides comprehensive healthcare for women of every age, ranging from puberty to post-menopause, in a secure & compassionate environment.

Dr Ketaki Tiwari completed her MBBS in year 2008 at Sarojini Naidu Medical College, Agra followed by MD In Obstetrics & Gynecology at Lala Lajpat Rai Medical College, Meerut, with a Gold Medal for being adjudged the Best Junior Resident Doctor.  She subsequently   spent a year in Japan for advanced & intensive training in Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. She has also received formal training in Laparoscopy from UKSH, Germany & extensive training in Cosmetic Gynecology under the mentorship of the best experts in the field.

She has extensive experience across diverse sectors & institutions, having worked with very reputed centers in India & Abroad. Dr Ketaki  has previously been associated with Artemis Hospital, Paras Hospital & W Pratiksha (Now Marengo Asia) Hospital in Gurgaon. She underwent her Senior Residency Training at ESI Hospital, Gurgaon. Dr Ketaki Tiwari was also previously associated with a leading healthcare start-up as a full-time consultant in Aesthetic Gynecology, during which period she gained tremendous recognition among patients & clients in South Delhi. She continues to be associated with leading hospitals in Delhi-NCR as a Visiting Consultant. She is now associated with Surgiwise Clinics in Vasant Kunj on a full-time basis, where she aims to offer comprehensive medical facilities for gynecological problems as well as Aesthetic Gynecology services to women in every age bracket.

Doctor's Approach 

Dr Ketaki Tiwari firmly believes in a patient-first approach. Due to her compassionate & empathic personality, she has a tremendous number of patients who come to her due to word-of-mouth referrals from previous patients. What sets Dr Ketaki apart from most of her peers, is her attitude and behavior towards her patients. Besides being a seasoned & experienced Gynecologist, she is a compassionate & kind human being who values other people's dignity & self-respect very highly. She fully understands the tremendous amount of thought & effort that goes in, before a patient actually comes for a Gynecological or Aesthetic Consultation. She & her clinic staff always ensure that her patients feel comfortable, relaxed & well cared-for, during the entire procedure or consultation. Dr Ketaki Tiwari strongly values and respects her patients' privacy & personal decisions, and all treatments and procedures are performed with a completely non-judgemental attitude, under complete privacy in a secure and safe setting. Dr Ketaki Tiwari  grew up  in a multi-cultural environment with frequent travel across the country due to the transferrable nature of her father's job. She has subsequently lived in three countries across different continents. These experiences have automatically given her a wider perspective and respect for her patients' personal preferences & thoughts. Her approach & methods ensure that her patients always go home with a proud & confident smile.

Treatments Available

Pregnancy check up

Confirmation of Pregnancy

Antenatal Visits

Vaccination during pregnancy

Threatened Abortion

Bleeding during any trimester of pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms

Preterm Labor

High Risk Pregnancy

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Cervical incompetence

Normal Vaginal or Cesarean Delivery

Vaginal Looseness
Ruptured Hymen
Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal Itching

Reduced Sensation
Enlarged/ disfigured Labia


General Gynecology

Period Problems
Irregular Cycles
Dysmenorrhea (Period pain)
Excessive or Scanty Periods
Skipped Periods
Excessive Hair Growth (Hirsutism)
Menstrual Concerns
Delayed Periods
Fibroid Uterus/  Lump in Uterus/ Myoma
Ovarian Cyst
Polycystic Ovary disease/ Syndrome PCOD/ PCOS
Thyroid Problems
Prolactin excess
Hormonal Problems in Women

Urine Incontinence

Urine leakage

Urinary Tract Infection

Uterus Prolapse


Pelvic Tuberculosis

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Puberty issues
Delayed/ Early Puberty
Adolescent Health
Puberty Menorrhagia
Contraceptive Advice
Mirena, Copper T insertion Facility
Cancer Screening
Pap Smear, LBC testing Facility
HPV Vaccine against Cancer Cervix
Ectopic Pregnancy
Unwanted Pregnancy
Abortion Advice
Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)
Vaginal Cyst
Bartholin Cyst
Vaginal Itching
Vaginal Discharge
Vaginal & Vulvar infections
Candida or Bacterial Vaginosis

Breast Lump

Nipple Discharge

Lactation Counseling 

Lactation Failure

Breastfeeding Support

Menopausal ART
Pre-menopausal management
Hormonal excess or deficits
Senile Vaginitis
Sexual Wellness


Cosmetic Gynecology

Obstetrics (Maternity Services)


Fertility counseling

Investigations for Infertility

All Medical & Surgical conditions leading to Infertility

Tubal block

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease


Endometrial thinning

 Procedures & Surgeries

Office Procedures/ In- Clinic

Routine Consultation 

Copper T/ Mirena Insertion

Contraceptive Injection

HPV Vaccine

Antenatal (Pregnancy) Vaccines

Pap Smear

LBC test

HPV DNA test

Endometrial Biopsy (Sampling with Pipelle)


High Vaginal Swab test


Laser Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Rejuvenation

PRP therapy

O-shot & G-spot Enhancement

In Hospital



Dilatation & Curettage

Suction & Evacuation

MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy)/ Abortion

Cervical Biopsy under Anesthesia

Cervical Conization


Colposcopy directed Cervical Sampling

Fractional Curettage


Endometrial Biopsy


Word Catheter placement

Bartholin Gland Removal

Incision & Drainage

Vaginal cyst removal

Fothergill Repair

Abdominal & Vaginal Sling


Vault Repair

Ovarian Cystectomy



Tubal Ligation




Fibroid, Cyst or Uterus removal surgery

Cancer Surgery

Tumor Removal

Open, Vaginal & Laparoscopic Surgery

Normal Vaginal Delivery

Forceps/ Ventouse assisted Delivery

Cesarean section

Perineal Tear Repair

Tag Removal

Wart & Papilloma Removal Surgery using Laser Technique

Examination under Anesthesia

Pelvic Floor Repair

Anterior Colporrhaphy

Posterior Colpoperineorrhaphy

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